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Purchase Agreement

By purchasing, you agree that:

You represent a business entity and this is a non-taxable commercial transaction.

You will not attempt to resell the image.
You are not purchasing any sort of right to exclusive use of the image.

Image Credit:

Images downloaded from IndustrialStockPhoto for use in printed or digital publications, or on a website, should be credited: "", design aesthetic permitting; please consider including it.

If you wish to credit the image owner as well, please do. Use the name displayed in the preview.

Derivative Works:

Derivative works which include an IndustrialStockPhoto image and which will subsequently be offered for sale or distribution are disallowed.

We suggest you contact the owner directly. We will be happy to pass along your contact information.

If you do not agree with this Purchase Agreement, you should not purchase anything from
The IndustrialStockPhoto team
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