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Random Media

SL27 waiting to get wet

Landing thruster in shipping cradle. Lots of marine growth.

Desco Mark V  Diving Helmet

Forest of boom rests, mostly salvage from defunct offshore platforms, but with a few ex-vessel also

Platform mods

Platform repair

Kirby Gas Hat

Transponder strapped to Diver's bailout.

Diver welding structural addition to platform

Welded repair of horizontal member

Crane at construction site

New construction going up, recently poured pad in foreground.

Leaking subsea natural gas pipeline

Habitat umbilical in front of welding crew

Hat Maintenance

Concrete tile wall interior lattice

Welding habitat

Rebar skeleton, simple

Glaziers installing external window panels

Sprinklers made up on-site. Orange shipping blocks protect trigger mechanism.

Interior view showing skeleton of building

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