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Water entry

GOM Diver in stage 1

The start of a concrete support

Bad Ground

Construction site at dusk

Large thrusters with marine growth

Salvage Barge

Electrical room

Forest of boom rests, mostly salvage from defunct offshore platforms, but with a few ex-vessel also

Soldering skills

Desco Mark V  Diving Helmet

Putting down another pass on a structural brace offshore in the GOM

Diver welder putting down metal on riser stand-off installation

Crane framed by the loading dock

HVAC Roof Top Unit

Transponder strapped to Diver's bailout.

Raised walls and buttresses in place

Subsea habitat welder

Make it Hot

View up into SDC

Bringing a triple MIB onboard Balmoral. Karinia in the background.

Interior view showing skeleton of building

Diver using pneumatic peanut grinder

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