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Random Media

Nick Daly, Oilfield Diver

Diver in the GOM

Leaning platform, storm damage

Water entry

Work site footprint viewed from high angle

Water entry

Choking hose on the stern

Diver magging in the splash zone

GOM Diver in stage 1

Proper vs Improper Grounding

Diver welder in test tank


Burning School - Burning By Touch

Bringing a triple MIB onboard Balmoral. Karinia in the background.

Front-end loader with fork attachment carrying pipe junction

Bad Ground

Liftboat with gangway deployed

Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Crane framed by the loading dock

Diver Man Riding Basket

Tools rigged and ready for diving. Jug is used a float.

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