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Random Media

Diver using pneumatic peanut grinder

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Mag Particles showing an indication (it's a crack to anyone else)

Construction boneyard

Octopus and dive light

Looking down

Buttress detail with crane behind

Wet welding student turning in pipe-to-plate exercise

Wash out area

Diver returning to the vessel

Live boating water entry

Diver Down sign placed on the diving vessel main engine air start lever

Diver Man Riding Basket

Looking down

Diver in hot water suit, in dive stage, returning to vessel.

Gas Bailouts

Derrick barge in the GOM. Newly placed platform is about to get piles driven.

Curved tilt wall building with steel supports

Liftboat legs frame a small platform

Welding habitat

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