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Commercial Diver

Commercial Diver

Liftboat with gangway deployed

Proper vs Improper Grounding

Three-legged platform salvaged from the GOM oilfields and waiting for refurb at a fab yard in POI, L

Forest of boom rests, mostly salvage from defunct offshore platforms, but with a few ex-vessel also

5 five gallon buckets of Leg Grease surround the leg well of the stern leg of a liftboat.

Liftboats stacked for storage at the Port of Iberia, Louisiana

Looking down

Soldering skills

Daisy-chain don't

Contemplating water entry

Diver at Bulk Carrier propellor

Hull cleaning in Brazil with hydraulic buffer

Bulk Carrier at sunset

Hydraulic Units

Sunrise in the patch + small crewboat

Using fillet guage to evaluate subsea weld profile

Mag yoke end and indications nearby

Mag Particles showing an indication (it's a crack to anyone else)

Large thrusters with marine growth

USCG John Boat

Landing thruster in shipping cradle. Lots of marine growth.

Looking down

Subsea quarter turn valve moused with stainless steel wire

Quick Weld

Leaning platform, storm damage

Riser on semi-submersible going down leg and transitioning around pontoon

T Kitchen art on Global uniform

Subsea construction mattresses in India

Diver welder in the tank

Transponder strapped to Diver's bailout.

Live boating water entry


Sunrise in the patch

Diver hatted, tender snooping dive hose connection

Headfirst water entry

Diver welder in test tank

Water entry

Water entry

Choking hose on the stern

Water entry

Leaving the vessel

Exiting the wet welding tank at Global's yard in New Iberia, Port of Iberia in background

Wet welding student turning in pipe-to-plate exercise

Tig Welder in drypot

Diver welder putting down metal on riser stand-off installation

Diver welder

Diver welder running overhead bead

Miserable Magging

Habitat umbilical in front of welding crew

Diver magging in the splash zone

Diver in hot water suit, in dive stage, returning to vessel.

Water entry

Burning anchor wire off winch drum with Broco underwater burning torch.

Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Diver welder

Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Diver welder working on platform in the GOM oilfield

Subsea habitat welder

Subsea habitat welder

Diver in the training tank, burning rings off a casing.

Diver in the training tank, burning rings off a casing.

Diver welder running practice beads in the test tank

Diver running practice beads in the tank

Diver burning rings in the practice tank.

Tools rigged and ready for diving. Jug is used a float.

Derrick barge in the GOM. Newly placed platform is about to get piles driven.

Oilfield Diver and Crew at sundown

Kirby Gas Hat

Loading Transfer Barge

Cassions Removal

Make it Hot

Cutting pile during platform salvage.

Burning Hot

Platform Removal

Oilfield Diver GOM

Bringing a triple MIB onboard Balmoral. Karinia in the background.

Company Hat 0313

Commercial Diver

Freddie's water entry

Subsea selfie

Raising a hopper barge in the Mississippi river

Crooked Oil Platform

Shane Eads walking on water

Nick Daly, Oilfield Diver

Diver Man Riding Basket

Confined Space

Diver burninig

Grit blasting

Platform repair

NDT Diver using mag yoke


Octopus and dive light

Ocean Inspector

Near surface

Tug and supply boat sunset

Welded repair of horizontal member

Platform mods

Welding habitat

Platform repair

Diver Burner

Double Nuts

Liftboat legs frame a small platform

Bailout in the GOM

Company Man

Diver using pneumatic peanut grinder

Welded addition of brace to platform

Qualifying in the test tank

Diver in the test tank

Hatting up in the GOM

About to strike an arc

Diver welding structural addition to platform

Putting down another pass on a structural brace offshore in the GOM

Diver in shallow water with hot water hose tucked in

Diver with a cleaned section of a horizontal behind him.

Communications equipment racks

Tower light controller

Bad Ground

Burning School Scraps

Burning School

Hat Maintenance

Burning School - Burning By Touch

Diver focusing on his weld

Water Entry

Leaking subsea natural gas pipeline

Wet welding on a structure in the GOM

Diver in the GOM

Diver wet welding

Wet welding diver

Diver Welder

Water entry

GOM Diver

Hat Maintenence

Electrical room

Internal ducting and sub-frame elements

Glaziers installing external window panels


Sprinklers made up on-site. Orange shipping blocks protect trigger mechanism.

Backhoe breaking up concrete

Roof, duct work, frame

HVAC Roof Top Unit

Crane lifting RTU

GOM Diver in stage 2

Diver on oilfield platform

Lanyarded tools

Detail of chipping hammers with lanyards

A gauged fire sprinkler system bleed port

Safety and warning posters at construction site

Gate Valves

Colorful pipes in the ceiling...just kidding...

Steel subfloor

Lift boat at structure in the GOM

ST-21 Field in the GOM


Offshore bridle repair

SDC lift wire

LARS detail

View up into SDC

Sat system control van with LARS and SDC

Main living chamber of saturation complex

View into sat system TL


Crane from the side, looking upward

Construction site at dusk

Work site footprint viewed from high angle

Looking skyward up the boom

Hardened steel framing bolt with nut and washer

Ladder looking up

Raised walls and buttresses in place

Steel subfloor before concrete is poured

Crane framed by the loading dock

Internal and external structure

Interior view showing skeleton of building

Construction boneyard

Curved tilt wall building with steel supports

Internal construction, beams, subfloor, against blue sky

Internal steel framework of tilt wall building, showing steel sheet metal floor scaffolds.

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Wide angle view of tilt wall at sunrise

Sunrise at the work site

Tilt wall in place

Edge view of tilt wall showing buttress supports

Crane lifting wall into place

Grinder sparks from an elevated bucket

Crane raising tilt wall

Crane at construction site

Raise the boom

Stack of tubular steel cantilever supports for tilt walls.


Wash out area

Concrete tile wall interior lattice


Inspecting a storm drain

Auger bit in dirt

The start of a concrete support

Large dia concrete water line

Large dia concrete water line

New construction going up, recently poured pad in foreground.

Walling in the corner

Raising preformed wall

Buttress detail with crane behind

Rebar support column skeletons

Rebar column skeleton

Rebar skeleton, simple

Leveler and Backhoe on site

Front-end loader with fork attachment carrying pipe junction

Front-end loader used to level

Desco Mark V  Diving Helmet

Desco Mark V  Diving Helmet

Diver donning SL27

Hooking up a dive hat

SL27 waiting to get wet

SL27 sideblock

GOM Diver in stage 1

Fid work

Crew transfer

Boots and Bailouts

Breaking clouds over the oilfield

Jackets in the fab yard

Choking hose on the stern


Anchor Barge

Salvage Barge

Diver returning to the vessel

Gas Bailouts

Diver Down sign placed on the diving vessel main engine air start lever

Get up on the Diver

Guarded ladder on platform at HI-154B GOM. View looking down from the production level to the boat landing.

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