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Commercial Diver

Commercial Diver

Electrical room

Internal ducting and sub-frame elements

Glaziers installing external window panels


Sprinklers made up on-site. Orange shipping blocks protect trigger mechanism.

Backhoe breaking up concrete

Roof, duct work, frame

HVAC Roof Top Unit

Crane lifting RTU

A gauged fire sprinkler system bleed port

Colorful pipes in the ceiling...just kidding...

Gate Valves

Safety and warning posters at construction site

Steel subfloor


Crane from the side, looking upward

Construction site at dusk

Work site footprint viewed from high angle

Looking skyward up the boom

Hardened steel framing bolt with nut and washer

Ladder looking up

Steel subfloor before concrete is poured

Raised walls and buttresses in place

Internal and external structure

Crane framed by the loading dock

Interior view showing skeleton of building

Curved tilt wall building with steel supports

Construction boneyard

Internal construction, beams, subfloor, against blue sky

Internal steel framework of tilt wall building, showing steel sheet metal floor scaffolds.

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Wide angle view of tilt wall at sunrise

Sunrise at the work site

Tilt wall in place

Edge view of tilt wall showing buttress supports

Crane lifting wall into place

Grinder sparks from an elevated bucket

Crane raising tilt wall

Crane at construction site

Raise the boom

Stack of tubular steel cantilever supports for tilt walls.


Wash out area

Concrete tile wall interior lattice


Inspecting a storm drain

Auger bit in dirt

The start of a concrete support

Large dia concrete water line

Large dia concrete water line

New construction going up, recently poured pad in foreground.

Walling in the corner

Raising preformed wall

Buttress detail with crane behind

Rebar support column skeletons

Rebar column skeleton

Rebar skeleton, simple

Leveler and Backhoe on site

Front-end loader with fork attachment carrying pipe junction

Front-end loader used to level

Page of 1 (62 items total)  
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