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Commercial Diver

Commercial Diver

Liftboat with gangway deployed

5 five gallon buckets of Leg Grease surround the leg well of the stern leg of a liftboat.

Liftboats stacked for storage at the Port of Iberia, Louisiana

Bulk Carrier at sunset

Sunrise in the patch + small crewboat

Large thrusters with marine growth

USCG John Boat

Landing thruster in shipping cradle. Lots of marine growth.

Burning anchor wire off winch drum with Broco underwater burning torch.

Derrick barge in the GOM. Newly placed platform is about to get piles driven.

Loading Transfer Barge

Bringing a triple MIB onboard Balmoral. Karinia in the background.

Raising a hopper barge in the Mississippi river

Ocean Inspector

Tug and supply boat sunset

Liftboat legs frame a small platform

ST-21 Field in the GOM

Lift boat at structure in the GOM

Offshore bridle repair

Fid work

Crew transfer

Breaking clouds over the oilfield


Anchor Barge

Salvage Barge

Page of 1 (30 items total)  
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