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How to Sell

Very simple

Take good picture  >  Upload it  >  Get paid $30+ every time somebody buys a download.

Sell to who? Graphic artists, designers, advertising agencies, new agencies, corporate users, writers; pretty much anybody who needs an image for an article or an advertisement, a presentation, a training guide... there is a world of reasons why your pictures can sell, including just to frame and put on a wall.

Think of the pictures you see in commercial use, in advertising, in instructions, and as art. Pictures that have value in those areas are what we accept on consignment sale here. When you upload a winner, it can sell multiple times.

Take 5 minutes and read this page. You will benefit.

Take good pictures

Good Picture  =  High Resolution  +  Sharp Focus  +  Good Composition

Your customers only want good pictures.

High Resolution

Shoot your images at the highest resolution your camera / phone can handle. This is very important. Go into Settings and make sure.

Hold your camera still

Sounds easy but it's not. Brace yourself against something or get a tripod. No blur.
Needs to be sharp. You can't fix this after you take the picture.

We will reject out-of-focus or noisy pictures unless they are otherwise exceptional, and even then they might not make the cut.


Worry about cropping. Look around inside your picture before you click the shutter. Anything that is partially cut-off by the edge is worth thinking about. 

Leave room for text, maybe. When composing an image, spare a thought for the graphic artists who will be using your work; or not.

If there is a visible horizon in your image, ensure it is level.

If your camera prints the date on the image, turn that off.

Upload your work

Please do not upload every picture you take. Be picky. We are.

When you are logged in, the controls for your account are located at screen left.

Title / Description / Keywords

The text you add is important. The more and better it is, the more you turn up in searches.

Avoid artsy titles. Whether it's "Revenge of the Drill Press" or "Drill press and hand injury" doesn't really matter but artsy is kind of pointless here and probably counter-productive.

The Description is more title but longer. Skip it if you think the title is enough.

Keywords can describe anything in or about your shot. For example a Diver might be in a dry suit; if "dry suit" is not in the title or description, you could use it as a key word (even though it's two words). Then, when someone's looking to buy a dry suit picture...

Gallery Selection

When picking a gallery, use Ctrl + click to select more than one. Example: A crew boat in the oilfield could be Maritime and/or Energy.

If you don't see your industry, contact us.

Review after upload

We aim to curate a very specific sort of collection. Specifically, good pictures of industry.

After your upload, you will see your images flagged Pending. We try to review within 24 hours; sometimes we're quicker, sometimes we're not.

If you go back later and change an image's details, that image will go back to Pending status.

Rejected images will be flagged. Click on the flag for an explanation.

Periodically we have to get rid of the rejected images. That means we'll delete them. Keep copies. They're not bad, they're just not right for the site.

If some of your images are still pending after others have been accepted, that is because we are still thinking about them.

Submitting multiple copies of the same image

Please don't; or images which are essentially identical. We're going to reject all but the best one.

Pictures upload rotated

Easy fix. Open the original in editing software and rotate it, save and re-upload.

Get Paid

The selling price for downloads is $45.00 USD.

You can sell the same image multiple times.
The buyer does not get exclusive rights.

You get 70%, that's $31.50

You are leaving images with us on consignment. You still own them.
We try to pay the same day you sell an image, but sometimes it may take a day or two longer.

We will pay you via PayPal. They take a slice out of everything, not much; just a few cents on the dollar, but be ready to see that.


If you create a PayPal account just for this, a "personal" account will be fine.

You will need an email account to use PayPal.

The email address you use to sign up here should be the same one associated with your PayPal account.

If you did not see the last sentence until it was too late, relax; just login (here, not PayPal) and change your email.

If you do not get around to setting up a PayPal account, when you sell an image you will get an email from them about money waiting for you.

Industrial Stock Photo is owned by Sullivan Brother's Publishing, LLC. You will see that name on your payment records.

The Contributor Upload Agreement here. It's short. Please read it.
Have fun and make some money,
The IndustrialStockPhoto team

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