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Contributor Upload Agreement

By uploading an image file, you stipulate:

You are the original photographer or creator and / or own all rights to the image.

You are at least 18 years of age.

Images you upload have not been submitted elsewhere for sale or distribution.


By uploading an image file, you agree that:

You remain the owner of your uploads and may instruct us to remove them from sale at any time or log into your account here and remove them yourself (we may require as much as 72 hours to do it for you).

Your customers may or may not choose to credit you individually when they use your picture.

You are providing us your commercial product on a consignment basis; you are responsible for taxes due on monies you receive from buyers.

Image sale does not confer the right of exclusive use to the buyer; ie you may sell the same image multiple times.

If you sell elsewhere the right of exclusive use to an image which you have uploaded to, you will immediately remove that image from sale here. reserves the right to reject and possibly delete any image uploaded to the site. reserves the right to modify these terms. If we do so, we will notify you 15 days in advance of changes.

If you do not agree with this Contributor Upload Agreement, you should not upload.

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