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Random Media

Diver running practice beads in the tank

Salvage Barge

Tools rigged and ready for diving. Jug is used a float.

Large dia concrete water line

Landing thruster in shipping cradle. Lots of marine growth.

Hatting up in the GOM

Shane Eads walking on water

Company Man

Crane lifting RTU

Jackets in the fab yard

Diver donning SL27

Double Nuts

Nick Daly, Oilfield Diver

Raising a hopper barge in the Mississippi river

Bringing a triple MIB onboard Balmoral. Karinia in the background.

Subsea selfie

Desco Mark V  Diving Helmet

The start of a concrete support

Exiting the wet welding tank at Global's yard in New Iberia, Port of Iberia in background

Diver Man Riding Basket

Welded addition of brace to platform

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