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Random Media

Diver using pneumatic peanut grinder

Wet welding diver

GOM Diver in stage 1

GOM Diver

Subsea quarter turn valve moused with stainless steel wire

Tig Welder in drypot

Desco Mark V  Diving Helmet

Internal and external structure

Riser on semi-submersible going down leg and transitioning around pontoon

SL27 waiting to get wet

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Live boating water entry

Diver in the training tank, burning rings off a casing.

Bulk Carrier at sunset

Company Hat 0313

Wash out area

Colorful pipes in the ceiling...just kidding...

Forest of boom rests, mostly salvage from defunct offshore platforms, but with a few ex-vessel also

Welded repair of horizontal member

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