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Rebar column skeleton

Transponder strapped to Diver's bailout.

Diver burninig

Water entry

GOM Diver in stage 2

HVAC Roof Top Unit

Cassions Removal


Hull cleaning in Brazil with hydraulic buffer

Hat Maintenance

Diver focusing on his weld

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Guarded ladder on platform at HI-154B GOM. View looking down from the production level to the boat landing.

Water entry

Octopus and dive light

Crooked Oil Platform

GOM Diver in stage 1

Grit blasting

Raising a hopper barge in the Mississippi river

ST-21 Field in the GOM

T Kitchen art on Global uniform

Liftboat with gangway deployed

Forest of boom rests, mostly salvage from defunct offshore platforms, but with a few ex-vessel also

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