Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Industrial Stock Photo

Make money from your photos. Rules are simple:

1. Photos must be related to Industrial theme.
2. Photos that you send to us must be in RAW format.
3. You must own or have been given the rights to the photos that you send to us.
4. You must not invade someone's privacy or break any laws to obtain the photos.

You can post links to your photos in JPG format in "FX format" or "Medium Format" sections of this site.
If we are interested in one or several of your photos - we will send you instructions so you can send original photos in Raw format to us and we will send you a payment via PayPal.

Please note that currently we are acception only photos in RAW format from Medium format and FX format cameras. We are not accepting photos from DX format.

You can expect to be paid 1,99 USD per photo from FX format and 3,99 USD per photo from Medium format only in case if we are interested in your photo and it meets our quality requirements and Industrial theme criteria.

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