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Roof, duct work, frame

T Kitchen art on Global uniform

Raise the boom

Welding habitat

Landing thruster in shipping cradle. Lots of marine growth.

Grinder sparks from an elevated bucket

Putting down another pass on a structural brace offshore in the GOM

Looking down

SL27 waiting to get wet

Tower light controller


Internal construction, beams, subfloor, against blue sky

NDT Diver using mag yoke

Internal ducting and sub-frame elements

Transponder strapped to Diver's bailout.

Burning anchor wire off winch drum with Broco underwater burning torch.

Edge view of tilt wall showing buttress supports

Riser on semi-submersible going down leg and transitioning around pontoon

Leveler and Backhoe on site

Tilt wall building with sun flare sunrise

Diver welder

Welded repair of horizontal member

Daisy-chain don't

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